Below are links to download information for on the day – checklists, checkpoints, car support and the running of the event.

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Checkpoints Summary – Download
Port-A-Loo Locations – Download
What to bring on the day – Download
Running of the Walk with Me on the Day – Download
Footcare – Download


Important information

  • In the case of a code red day the event will be cancelled and no donations will be refunded
  • Each walker needs to be responsible for themselves for safety, first-aid and hydration. Particpants need to supply their own first aid supplies.
  • Each group or single participant must have a mobile phone with them incase of emergency, each participant will need to note
  • last track point for 000 purpose
  • Toilet block is located at the memorial garden in MT.Evelyn before checkpoint 2
  • For enquires about WWM please contact Lynette Close 0427 483 535 or contact Ovarian Cancer Australia if you need actual support from this cancer thats not to do with the actual event.

Running of the Walk with Me on the Day

The Running of the Events from Lilydale to Warburton for the Walk With Me Event 2018.

  • 5am Coffee will open and be available throughout the day at various checkpoints that are not located to major cafes on the track.
  • 6am Walk With Me begins with Bike riders first wave and committee members present on the morning, All joggers, All Walkers and finally HORSES!! This will not be official so the more that read this the better!
  • Professional photos will be taken at Mt Evelyn Bakery Café, Seville Carriage Café and at the end at the Warburton Sign that marks the FINISH line for our Walk With Me just before you enter the Cogg Café in Warburton. Photos maybe taken throughout the day.
  • All 10 Checkpoints along the trail will be manned by volunteers where you can buy cold water and OCA Ribbons and Raffle Tickets.
  • Cogg Café in Warburton will be open from early morning. There is the Warburton Up and Running event in the morning usually finished by 11-11:30am.
  • Walk With Me Volunteers will set up around 1pm: OCA, Bank VIC and various other tables and chairs.
  • Walkers and Riders will cross the Finish Line having started in Lilydale 6am from anytime onwards from 12:30pm. The largest groups of people [going on 2016] will cross the line between 2pm and 3:30pm.
  • 3:30pm Speech will start by the CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia Jane Hill and then handed over to the “Walk With Me” Manager Sue Contarino.
  • 4:30pm An early dinner sausage sizzle will begin, thankyou Cogg for cooking all our snags!


Raffle will begin at approx. 3:50pm and be run in the following way:
Ist, 2nd and 3rd raffle ticket drawn from the teal box will call for the winners to come forward. If they are present on the day then they may have choice of whatever is on the raffle table. If they are not there however but somebody knows them well [confirmed with a phone call to the mobile number on the ticket] then they may choose on their behalf. If they are not there, then a high value prize will be selected for them.From 4th Ticket onwards drawn from the teal box a similar procedure will take place. If you are there, you may select your own gift from the table. If you are not there and your name is drawn but somebody else can collect on your behalf  [confirmed with a phone call to the mobile number on the ticket] then they may choose your gift on your behalf. Finally, if you are not there and nobody knows who you are, we will select a twin wine pack from one of the lovely estates in the Yarra Valley.

Thank you everyone for your support with this event whether you can make it on the day or not.

Checkpoint Summary

Checkpoint 1 LILYDALE – 6AM START [6.9km walk/ride to Mt Evelyn Bakery]
Location: Lilydale Railway Station Carpark (Main Street Lilydale).
Checkpoint Set Up: Rear of Carpark Next to Trail Entrance
*Toilets – None
*Water bottles available $2 (Fund raiser)
Ma and Pas organic coffee cart from 5am

Checkpoint 2 MT EVELYN – 7AM [5.4km walk/ride to Wandin]
Location: Happy Trails Bakery Café. (1/4 Clancy Rd, Mt Evelyn). (Café NOT OPEN) but Ma and Pas organic coffee cart will be available
Entrance: Left off Monbulk Rd onto Clancy Road – immediate turn right into car park.
Checkpoint Set Up: Table at SIGN “Lilydale to Warburton” opposite old yellow railway gate.
Toilets: available at café & Porta Loos
Water: Can refill drink bottles for free at café.

Checkpoint 3 WANDIN – 8:30AM [3.4km Walk/ride to Seville Carriage Café]
Location: Warburton Hwy, between Railway Pde & Rue de Gare on map.
Entrance: Carpark at location
Checkpoint Set Up: Rotary Club of Wandin Shelter (on the trail).
Toilets: Portable Loo
Water: Refill Station available

Checkpoint 4  SEVILLE – 9AM [3.3km Walk/Ride to Killara]
Location: Carriage Café 35 Seymour St, Seville. Or Station Rd Seville.
Entrance Option 1: From Warburton Hwy turn Left onto Drummond Rd, drive to end which meets Seymour St. Turn left then immediate right into carpark with gate.  Directly opposite Drummond Rd is a footpath through to Carriage café.  (approx. 1km easy walk)
Entrance Option 2:  Warburton Hwy, At Roundabout in Seville turn Left onto Station Rd (this dirt road splits in 2,  VEAR LEFT, as Old Warburton Rd vears right).
Minimum parking available on side of road near Café.  Foot access only down to Carriage Café marked by brown post with red reflector.
Or 400meters further to Carpark next to trail.(this requires walking back to café and checkpoint).
Checkpoint Set Up: On the Trail where the Footpath from Carriage Café meets. (next to Green Emergency Sign)
Toilets: At Carriage Café & Portaloos
*Water: Refill at Café or $2 bottles available at Checkpoint

Checkpoint 5  WOORI YALLOCK 10AM [6.4km Walk/Ride to Launching Place Pub]
Location: Symes Road, Woori Yallock.
Entrance: Warburton Hwy, turn left onto Healesville- Koo Wee Rup road (Woori Yallock shops on left corner), Left at Symes Rd. Warburton Trail Carpark on Right.
Checkpoint Set Up: On Trail at the REST STATION shelter.
Water: Refill station available.
Toilets: Portaloos or 500 met walk. Up Symes road, Right up View St. (located behind shops). Playground available

Checkpoint 6 LAUNCHING PLACE 10.30AM [2.1km Walk /Ride to Yarra Junction]
Location: Home Hotel, Right hand side of Warburton Highway.
Entrance: Carpark next to Hotel.
Checkpoint Set Up: On Trail at the Picnic Point.
Toilets: Portable Loo is preference but Launching Place Hotel has a toilet.
*Hotel…Owners request you don’t use the Hotel to eat your own byo food.
Water:  Refill station available.

Checkpoint 7 YARRA JUNCTION 12PM [5.2km Walk/Ride to Millgrove]
Location: Yarra Junction Recreational Reserve. Park Rd, Yarra Junction
Entrance: 2451 Warburton Hwy, Pass Woolworths on the Right then Turn left into Park Road.
Carpark and Playground to left.
 Plenty of Carparking at the Yarra Centre also
Checkpoint Set Up: On Trail Opposite carpark
Toilets: Public
*Water: $2 Bottles available (fund raiser)

Checkpoint 8 MILLGROVE – 2PM   [3.3km Walk/Ride to Warburton ]
Location:  Opposite Millgrove Village Bakery…Large Picnic area & Carparking on the Right (Next to CFA).
Checkpoint Set Up:  Beside the Trail on the Grass.
Toilets: Public
*Water: Drink fountain in Park.   *Water: Bottles $2 (fund raiser)

Checkpoint 9 WARBURTON – 3.30PM FINISH!
Location: COG BIKE CAFE 42 Station Road, Warburton
Entrance: Right onto Station Road, Immediate left into carpark.
Checkpoint Set Up: On the Trail opposite Café next to tree. ( The tree has an A4 poster with the words ‘Set Up’ written in the bottom left corner). This info is for staff set up.
Toilets: Cog Cafe
*Water: Refill station and $2 bottles available for fund raiser.

Large Professional Group Photo will be taken you are welcome to be part of this moment!
Sausage Sizzle will be held from 1pm. It will be run by Walk With Me volunteers. We will have both gluten free and normal sausages.
Please note: COGG Cafe are donating their music entertainment for our event.
Face Painter: Melanie from 2pm-5pm.
The times shown at each checkpoint may vary for walkers but it is a reasonable guide for checkpoint staff and for people wanting to join with others at certain checkpoints.

Additional Contact Details:

For all Emergencies call Triple Zero (000)
For First Aid treatment: St John Ambulance Event Services: 8588 8599 
WWM President: Jodie Winterton 0411290295
Checkpoint Co-ordinator: Sharon Hume 0448922944
Checkpoint Support: David Tanner 0459161329
Site Manager: Kim Howell 0409941407
Liaison Officer: Belinda Banson 0418527519


What to bring on the day

  • Keep yourself hydrated: Carry and have some in support car
  • Have food in back pack and support car
  • Small First Aid Kit: Larger one in Support Car if Necessary
  • Bring spare Money on day for OCA ribbon, drinks and Festivities at the end.
  • Set Up your own space in Warburton near COGG Café.
  • Know the Car Support Mobiles and Print out Checkpoints.