Where and when does it start?

At the end of the Lilydale Station Carpark on the Healesville Side not the city side. There is plenty of car parking available. We begin gathering from 5:30am onwards and there are hot drinks available to buy from Ma & Pa Organic Coffee
which kindly donate their time. We begin walking at 6am sharp.

Where does it finish?

You can start and finish where ever you like along the track. The actual 42km walk finishes at the COGG cafe in Warburton which is at the end of the track.The cafe will remain open for food and snacks and there will be music and entertainment to relax too.


How will I know where you are on the track?

Please see the list of estimated times and places on our website.


How does one go about entering? Is there an entry fee?  if so how much is it? & when is it due?

You enter by a donation. The donation is made by going to the Website ( listed below ) and I ask $20 or $30 per couple only. Children are free. The donation goes straight through to the Ovarian Cancer Australia under my title page ” Walk with Me ” 2018.
We have an online target of $5,000 we are hoping to achieve. If people would like to donate more than this then it is up the them. All donations will receive a taxable receipt.
Alternatively you can just pay cash on the day in the donation boxes set up along the track.


Can you walk as a member of a team of two or three people or do you join as individuals?

This is a walk/run/ride/horse-ride event for Ovarian Cancer. You can walk as an individual and/or create your own team spirit amongst a group of friends.
If you set a target amount of funds raised as a team of people then I can list that on my website. For example a business company, work place team, school team, gymnastics team, swimming team, footy team!
The sky is the limit! There are no placings of 1st, 2nd, 3rd from myself, but there is no reason why you couldn’t organise your own placings and rewards for a bit of fun. This will be only the second time this event has been done and I’m trying to keep it simple


Once you’ve walked from Lilydale to Warburton How do you get back to Lilydale?

Yes the golden question. You have to organise your own transportation. Most people had a support person available for the day that couldn’t do the walk for whatever reason but wanted to be involved! A couple of people teed their lift back on the day whilst they were walking or at the end.
One day if the event gets big enough we can approach a local bus company and ask them to donate by taking a bus load of people back to Lilydale after the event around 5pm.


Do you have to complete the whole 40kms or can you just do whatever amount suits you?

Yes! That’s the beauty of this event. You can jump on and off the track wherever and whenever you want. You can walk, jog, ride, or car. Once you feel like you’ve done your bit you can go home ! You can let me know how you went via my website email! Feedback welcome.